Friday, February 10, 2012

What's been happening around here?

-I've been working on Corey's Valentines present and it's going good so far!! Today I even wrote a rap....but more about that later!

-Last night I made these delicious fajitas with an even more delicious marinade and they were a huge hit!!
Tonight's dinner is chicken and broccoli pasta with Philadelphia Cooking Creme, the savory garlic flavor.

-Sadie has another tooth poking through, which brings her total up to 8!!

-Little Miss has also been pretty clingy these last few days and her naps have been all over the place!!

-She also got these new shoes as a gift and they are pretty cool. They are called Skidders (anyone else heard of them?) and they are non slip and let babies foot grow and move as if they are not wearing shoes.

-Speaking of her birthday, I'm working on getting the pictures up soon but have just been a little busy!!

-This weekend should be fun, we are headed to an Ontario Reign hockey game with our church. These games are usually a lot of fun cause they have a ton of audience participation!! And it will be Sadie's first hockey game. Corey is a little disappointed that her first game is not an Anaheim Ducks game but it will be ok.


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