Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MIA and other randomness

I have been hit and miss lately with my blogging. It mainly has to do with the fact that the main computer I do my blogging on is down and out. It's actually just the power cord that has stopped working but we haven't gone out and bought a new one yet. So what has been happening around here?

Well last Saturday we went to another pumpkin patch. This time it was one by our house and we met up with my brother and sis n law and nephew. It was a nice time and they had so much stuff to do. We ended up just walking around, I took a few pictures and then the hubby picked our pumpkin right off the vine! After that we went over to my brothers house and carved our pumpkin with my sis in law and nephew. Sadie loved putting her hand in the pumpkin and feeling all the goeey stuff. We decided to carve a rubber duckie because Sadie loves her rubber ducks!! I took pics but haven't had the chance to upload them yet.

Sunday was church and it was a good day. My husbands friend was back in town after being in Alaska for the last few months so we went out to lunch with them. When we came home we did some cleaning and then I started dinner. I made a roasted whole chicken with potato and sausage stuffing. It was pretty good! It was also the first time I had ever made a whole chicken so I felt pretty proud of myself. Sadie was grumpy and clingy most of the day. I think she is getting some more teeth. She has three already but I think she is getting at least two more.

Monday was Halloween obvisously. I dressed Sadie up as a cat because she LOVES cats!! I decided not to take her out trick or treating this year because she's not gonna be the one eating the candy anyways. We decided to sit outside and pass out candy. Sadie loved looking at all the kids dressed up in their costumes. She was most fascinated with the kids in masks. We didn't get a whole lot of kids and ended up going back inside around 7:30pm. I think it was a good first Halloween for Sadie!!

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, November 19th, and there are only two things I'm wanting:
- A new macro lens for my camera
- A massage

I've been a little uninspired with blogging lately and haven't found anything good to write about. Any ideas??