Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Sadie!

Dear Sadie,

I can't believe you are one! Where did the time go? What happened to my little 8lb 10oz baby that I held to my chest a year ago?

You have grown up so fast and definitely no longer a baby. You are walking and "talking" and learn new things every day. You are so smart and so independent. You grasp onto to new concepts so easily and love to mimick everything you see.

You started walking this month and now you try to walk everywhere! I love watching you walk around and explore the world this way. You get such a joy out of walking across the room, or walk to try and chase the dog. You'll just giggle and laugh most of the time.

I love watching you "read" your books and point to all the things and get so excited over them. Your favorite books are the animals one definitely and you love to point to the animals and make all the noises. You also love your princess books and will have us read them over and over again. You love your books more than your toys and that is totally ok with me!!

Speaking of animals, you are obsessed with them!! You love to play with the doggie and pet the cats. Animals on tv always catch your attention, especially the Geico pig commercial. That commercial will stop you in your tracks!! It is so fuuny!!

You are such a good eating and mommy and daddy are so thankful for that!! You will eat pretty much anything that we put in front of you. If someone else is eating something, you have to try it. Your favorite foods are hot dogs, mac n cheese and bananas. BANANAS are by far your most favorite and if you see one you will say "nana" until someone gives you one! We are almost done with nursing. You only nurse in the morning and night but we will be stopping that soon. You have been on regular milk for about a month now and love it!! We had no problems at all getting you adjusted to milk.

Talking is a big favorite of yours. Some of the words you say are mama, dada, gmma(grandma), gmpa(grandpa), ash(Crash, the dog), yesh(yes), nana(banana), moo, baa, baby(baby and blankie). I am sure I'm forgetting some others.

I just still can't believe that you are a year old!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. We love watching you grow and play and learn. We love being able to raise you and protect you. You are such a joy to us and bring us so much happiness!!

We love you our little miss Sadie Grace!!

 Mommy and Daddy

Monday, January 30, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year, I was laying in the hospital bed awaiting the arrival of my beautiful baby girl and now tomorrow she will be a year old!!! Time goes by so much faster when you have a baby!! You can read about her birth story under the tab Birth Story at the top of the page.

Tomorrow I only have a few things planned for Sadie, as her birthday party is on Saturday. I plan on making her some pancakes in the morning and then we are gonna head off to Toys R Us so Sadie can pick out a toy. We also probably have to run a few errands to get some more things for her party. I can't believe she is gonna be one!!

I love you Sadie Bug!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Braving the Elements....

the CRAZY WIND that is!!! This is what it looks like in good ol' Southern Cali right now:

wind-california-2.jpg. Photo by Kind of Bruin via Flickr
laist.com....photo credit

and I just happened to pick today to go run errands with my baby girl.

So just imagine wind gust up to 20-40 miles an hour, pushing a shopping cart through a crowded parking lot, and trying to hold onto a cart so it doesn't blow down the parking lot into a car while also trying to load the groceries and baby in the car. Not the easiest thing!!

But we made it home in one piece and now my sweet baby girl is napping.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to Blogging!

I've been away from blogging for awhile due to the fact that our computer wasn't but now I'm back!! A lot has been happening around here.

Let's start with November....
-Sadie had her first beach trip when we went for my birthday

-Sadie also celebrated her first Thanksgiving (I forgot to take pics). We just stayed home and had turkey with all the fixings.

-My brother in law got married. My hubby and I were in the wedding. Congratulations to them!!

-Not too much happened this month except for the fact that Sadie celebrated her first Christmas, which was a lot of fun!!

-Corey got a new job and now we have to relocate. We get to stay in California, just have to move to the LA area and let me tell you, that area is not cheap!!

-Since we have to relocate, I have been apartment/house searching online and have found a few places we are interested in.

-My baby girl turns one on Tuesday the 31st!!! Where did the time go?!? Her birthday party is scheduled for Saturday Feb 4 and we are so excited!!!

-Sadie also started walking this month and that has been so much fun to watch!