Birth Story

Sadie's due date was January 30, 2011 and I almost gave birth to her on that date but she was stubborn and decided to wait until 2:44am the next day. I had a fairly easy pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything like that. The only issue I really had with food was that the smell of red spaghetti sauce would make me naseous. I craved lemonade, potatoes, Sierra Mist and tacos from Jack in the box the most. My weight gain was a little high, I gained 47 pounds. Stretch marks appeared at the end of my 7 month. I really thought I was gonna be lucky and not get any but they appeared anyways. The only issue I had was that on one of my ultrasounds it showed that I had placenta previa. Placenta previa is where the placenta is blocking the entrance to the uterus, therefore not allowing the baby to be born naturally. I was told that if the placenta didn't move than I would have to have a C-section. My own OB didin't even tell me this!! I found out when I had to make an emergency doctor visit while visiting my bro and sister in law up in northern California!!

My mom and sister came down on Saturday, January 29. I really wanted to have the baby while they were here, especially before that following Tuesday because that was when my sister would have to leave to go home, so I read up on some ways to induce labor. A friend of mine who is a massage therapist came over that Friday and massaged all my pressure points. That is supposed to induce labor as well. On Saturday I felt a little different but not really any contractions or anything so I tried a few more things that night to induce labor naturally.

At 3:30am Sunday morning my water broke. I woke up to a pop and jumped out of bed cause I didnt want water all over our bed. As I was standing there, I woke up Corey and told him that my water had broke. He didn't believe me at first but I made sure he knew it was serious. We called the hospital and they told me to take a shower and then come down. So I showered and cleaned up and we made our way to the hospital which is only about 10 mins away.  My contractions were not really painful at that time and about 8 mins apart. We got to the hospital and they put me in a room. They checked to make sure my water had actually broke and it had. They started me on cervadil and my contractions had become 4 mins apart. I didnt really have a birth plan, just kinda go with what I wanted at the time. After a few hours of contractions, I decided to get some pain medication. Boy did that throw me for a loop. I don't really remember much for an hour and I was really loopy but the medication only lasted for about an hour and the contractions were back. I was progressing but slowly so they wheeled me into a better room, in which I would deliver in there if I had a baby naturally. By then all the family was there, my mom and sister, my mother in law and father in law and my brother in law as well. They started me on Pitocin around 11am and that's when the contractions got really bad. I decided to get and epidural around 1:00pm. It worked for about 2hours and I was able to get some rest but then it stopped working. The anestheiologist came in and re did it but it still didn't work. My legs were completely numb but that was it. It was as if I was having the baby without any drugs or an epidural. I felt everything. I was having THE WORST hip pain!! It was as if something was trying to dig into my hip bone. That was what was the most painful part. We later found out it was because Sadie was kinda stuck so she was really pushing into my hip. When they checked me around midnight I was at 9 1/2 centimeters. I really felt like I had to push so they let me but nothing happened. They let me rest for a little while and came back in around 1am. We tried some pushing but nothing was happening. I was mostly all the way dilated but when they wanted me to push, Sadie's head would not go past the still non dilated part of the lip. We soon found out it was because she was face up! I wouldn't dilate any more. At about 2am they decided that a C-section would be best because I was starting to get a fever so they rushed me to the operating room. They got me on the table with my already numb legs and gave me the spinal tap. After they had laid me down and strapped me to the table I felt like I had to throw up so a nurse brought over an emesis bucket and yup I threw up. I was starting to freak out because they hadn't brought Corey in yet and I thought that he was gonna miss it but they soon brought him in. After a few minutes of feeling pressure, my beautiful baby girl was brought into the world!! She weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21.5 inches long. A beautiful, beautiful baby!!

Corey was able to cut her imbilical cord and take lots of snap shots of her. All I could think about while laying there was that I wanted to see her so bad!! Corey was finally able to bring her over to me and I got to see my precious baby girl for the first time!! She was so beautiful. Corey was also able to carry her out to the little nursery and tell our family that she had arrived while I was getting stapled back together. I was finally wheeled into the recovery room with my baby girl and Corey. I felt so proud looking over at her. Finally, after what seemed like forever!!, I was able to hold her and nurse her. It was one of the most beautiful things. After she had been nursing for a few minutes, it seemed like she was having some trouble breathing so I let the nurse now. She took Sadie and tried to clean out her mucous some more but she was still having some trouble so another nurse had to come back in and do it as well. Needless to say, she was fine and healthy and I was so in love with her!! After an hour or so in recovery, we were able to go to our private room and my family was able to come in and see Sadie. We did an hour of skin to skin so my family decided to go home for a few hours and get some rest. It was so wonderful just being our little family of 3!!