Tuesday, July 31, 2012

18 Months!!

Yup!! That's right! My baby girl is 18 months already and I have no idea where the time has gone!!

Sadie is such a blessing to us and is so fun! She has such a great little personality and loves to ham it up and be funny for us.

She is also learning so much and surprises me everyday with what she knows. Her vocabulary is enormous! She knows so many words and is starting to put sentences together. Some new ones that she has been saying are: you're funny, I'm hiding, oh no!, oh my gosh! and so many more. She can name almost every animal and make all their sounds. We are working on the Alphabet and counting (she can count up to 3) as well as colors. It is so much fun being able to communicate with her and start to understand what she is trying to tell me.

Potty training will be starting soon. Sadie does come up to me and let me know when she poops (it's so funny cause she will grab her diaper and say poop and then sometimes wave her arm and say phew). We have been putting her on the toilet before bathtime but she has yet to pee in it yet. So soon we will be getting her a little toilet and actively working on potty training.

She has surprised me with her sleeping. Normally after bath we read a story and then I rock her to sleep but lately after I rock her she tells me that she wants to go in her crib to fall asleep on her own and I let her. It usually takes her a little while to actually fall asleep by herself and she usually plays for a little bit with her stuffed animals but it is nice to know that she is on her way to learning how to fall asleep by herself.

Sadie is such a great helper to me. She loves to unload the dishwasher, sweep, put laundry in the wash, put her towels away, help me vacumn and clean. I hope it stays this way!!! Haha!! We are working on her cleaning up her own toys before bath and she does a pretty good job.

We just recently upgraded her carseat to a "big girl" front facing seat and she loves it!! She loves being able to look out the windows and see what we see. Our car rides have also become a non stop talking ride for her. She just loves joining in on our conversations!

It is such a joy being her mommy and I love watching her grow and learn and discover new things. Happy 18 Months SadieBug!!!

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