Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 1st Birthday Party

I'm FINALLY posting pictures from Sadie's birthday and birthday party. We didn't have a huge party, it was mainly family and a few friends, but it was still a great time! We actually had three celebrations for her, one at church so our church friends could celebrate, one on her actual birthday and then her party. Enjoy the pictures!!
Breakfast on her actual birthday

 A few pictures I took on her birthday

Cake pops with edible glitter

The Smash Cake

The other cake

The toy she picked out for her bday

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend and was nice to have some family time since the hubby works all week, getting up early and home late.

Friday night I made some yummy chicken and broccoli pasta and waited for Corey to get home.

Saturday morning, Corey was in a good mood and got up early, went to the store and made Cheez whiz burritos for us!! They are one of his specialties and so yummy!! During breakfast making, our microwave decided to "blow up". It started making this weird noise and there were pops and fizzles and then BAM it was a goner. So while we were trying to take care of the microwave, open the doors and windows so it wouldn't stink in the house and so the fire alarm wouldn't go off, our bacon got a little burned and the fire alarm ended up going off. Oh well!! And luckily we had another microwave!!

A little while after breakfast we headed out to the outdoor mall for a little shopping and family time. It wasn't raining when we left but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot it was like a downpour so I ran into the store with Sadie while Corey got the stroller out of the car. We shopped around in the store for a little while and then decided to grab some lunch. We decided on Johnny Rockets, which was like across the outdoor mall and yes it was still pouring. Corey carried Sadie while I pushed the cart. We finally made it and Corey looked like he had just had a shower. Lunch was delicious!!

After lunch we needed to head over to Best Buy and yes it was still pouring!! So we decided to lay Sadie down in her stroller and put the cover on. It would have worked except that Sadie decided to sit up in her stroller and we didn't notice until we had made it most of the way to the car. Poor baby girl was pretty wet!! 

After the quick trip to Best Buy we were headed to the hockey game. It was a church event and we were some of the first people there so we made our way to our seats. We were sitting kinda high up and I was a little nervous sitting up that high with Sadie but we quickly adjusted. Sadie had a great time and was all smiles and happiness even though she had only one nap that day. The Ontario Reign one and it was tons of fun!! After the game we stopped at In N Out with some friends to end the night.

Sunday was church and it was still raining. It was a great day in the Lord's house. Corey brought a great lesson about where and when the Church started. The main scripture was found in Matthew 5. 

All in all we had a great family weekend!!