Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've been hit and miss with posts lately so I thought I would update on what we have been up to.

- About a month ago we moved to our new apartment and we love it!! We love the area that we picked and our apartment complex is pretty quiet. I've been trying to find things around the city for Sadie and I to do and it has been pretty easy because Santa Clarita is so family friendly!

- Four days after we moved in, we headed up north to Sacramento for the annual Old State Association. It is a gathering for the churches in our work to get together and discuss some business, fellowship and hear great preaching. This year the church in Citrus Heights hosted it and it was nice to spend a few days up there. Next year, our church is hosting it!!

- A few weeks ago the brakes went out on my car and now it is just sitting in our garage, waiting to be fixed. It's not very fun without a car of my own and being stuck home all day but Sadie and I are making due. We get out and walk and have even ventured out for walks to the store down the street. I mean, it's only less than a mile but we live up a hill, a very steep hill, so the walk back is a little tough.

- Sadie is growing like crazy! She just turned 15 months and is so much fun. She has the happiest, bubbliest personality! She loves to jabber away about anything and everything and loves to "read" out loud to us. She has a been a little cranky that last few weeks which is due to the fact that she has a ton of teeth coming in all at once. Poor baby!!

- Yesterday, Corey and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special last night because we are saving that for this weekend. I did make a white chocolate raspberry cake for dessert though. On Saturday we are driving down to his parents house, which is about an hour or so away, to drop off Sadie and she will be spending the night there for the first time ever!! I'm nervous!!! But I'm sure she will do just fine. Corey and I are then driving back home for a couples massage that evening and then dinner. It will be nice to have a night alone with my hubby (even though I'll be probably be missing our baby girl like crazy!).

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