Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy Anniversary!!

The hubby and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary today and boy what an exciting two years it has been......

from finding out we were to pregnant, to having Sadie, to old jobs and new jobs in between, to moving and to all the ups and downs in between......

but I wouldn't want to spend the past two years with anyone other than the love of my life, Corey Alexander.....

He is my rock, my other half, the one I can always count on. He gets me when no one else does and he loves me despite all of my flaws and imperfections. We can make each other laugh over the most ridiculous things, yet we can be there for each other for the serious moments. Through this life, I want him by my side always and forever. I truly have married by best friend and I thank God everyday for him. He is my one and only, my everything. He is such a hard working husband who is always providing for us and keeping us safe. He is the greatest father that a little girl could ask for and watching him with Sadie has made me love him so much more.

I love you Corey Alexander!! Here's to the last two years and many, many, many more to come!!

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