Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's in the details...

The other day I took Sadie to the little playground in our apartment and decided to snap some photos of her. As I was watching her play and looking back at the pictures, it made me realize how fast she is growing and how I want to remember all of the little details about these days.

I want to remember how the first thing you do at the playground is find a spot to sit down and pick up the woodchips and how those would keep you busy for hours.

I want to remember how you show me the ones you pick up and twirl them between your fingers and then try to eat them.

I want to remember how cute your feet look in sandals and how small they are.

I want to remember how you would pick up handfuls of woodchips and dump them on you and smile because you thought it was the funniest thing and how your legs were covered in dirt and woodchips.

I want to remember how small your hands are and how you love to explore things with them.

I want to remember how cute you look in your outfits and how curious you are about the world around you.

I want to remember how you have to try all by yourself to climb up the stairs and how you weren't scared at all.

I want to remember that when you did get a little stuck you still kept on trying and then called for me to come help you and how you stood there for a few seconds, making sure you had your balance.

I want to remember how in love with these sunglasses you are and how you have to wear them all the time, even in the house and how cool they make you look.

And last but not least, I just want to remember all the little details that make you who you are. All the facial expressions, laughs, words, movements, etc. Because time does go by so fast.......

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