Friday, April 13, 2012

Venice Beach

My sister pretty much had only one request while she was visiting, a beach day!! Now I have lived in California my whole life but had only really visited the Orange County beaches and, of course, my favorite beach ever Pismo!! But since we moved, we are very close to the LA beaches so I decided to look up a couple to check out. I found one called Point Dume Beach in Malibu and it sounded wonderful so I told my sister and she was good to check out that one. Well, she realized that we were also close to Venice Beach. She had never been there and neither had I but I knew what the beach was gonna be like. Nevertheless she wanted to check it out so we headed there last Saturday.

It was so crowded!! Last Saturday happened to be the nicest beach day of the year so of course everyone was there. It took us 45 mins just to get into a parking lot and park!! It was crazy but we decided to make the best of it. My sweet baby girl loves the beach just as much as her momma and it was so nice watching her play in the sand. My sis took her into the water when we got there and let's just say that she would have stayed in the water the whole time if we would've let her!!

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