Monday, May 30, 2011

Preach it Brother!

Literally, my brother preached it! We had the pleasure of having my brother, Derek, preach for us on Sunday. He did a great job! This was his first time preaching away from his own church and I have to say that I was a proud sister. His sermon was about faith which happened to be the theme all day on Sunday. He even jumped off the stage to prove a point. It was great! It was also nice being able to spend some time with him and my sis in law, Kim, and my nephew, Jacob, since they live so far away now. I'm glad Sadie was able to spend some time with them as well. Cousins can be so much fun and I hope that they are able to spend a lot of time together as they grow up :) My grandparents also came down to see Derek preach so we were able to spend time with them as well. It was a nice weekend of spending time with family, just sitting around talking and sharing stories.

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