Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My sister, my best friend

Ariel Nicole Lansdale, thats my sister. Not all sisters end up having a close relationship but Ariel and I were lucky. We are extremely close, we are best friends. Ariel and I weren't always so close, as we are 4 years apart. When I was younger I thought of her as the annoying younger sister that just wanted to tag along with me and my friends but as we grew older our relationship changed. I guess that would have to do with certain things that have happened in our lives but I am grateful for that. I love being able to tell Ariel everything and know that she will be caring and understandable and tell me just what I need to hear. She has been there for me through everything, breakups, friend issues, family issues and so on. We were there to lean on each other and give each other support. I hope Ariel could say the same thing about me.

Our relationship is different these days as we are both older and have gone different directions but we still try to remain close. Ariel is off at college, she goes to Fresno State (so proud of her!!) and I'm married with a family. Although we are at different stages in our lives I know that I can call her up or text her and it will be just like old times, laughing about anything and everything or having that serious conversation that we both needed to have. I love my sister and am so proud of what she has done and the way that she handles herself. She truly is a Godly woman, always striving for what God wants for her life. This summer she has the opportunity to take a mission trip to Brazil and I know that she is very excited for it. I know God will use her in an effective way in Brazil.

As many people know, Ariel has an incredible singing voice. I used to love sitting in church and listening to her sing all the specials that she used to do. Ariel also sang for mine and Corey's wedding and it was beautiful. Not many know that you would have to bribe her to sing and what would that bribe be?? Jello!! Yup, when we were younger the only way to get Ariel to sing would be to bribe her with Jello. I just wanted to write about Ariel and mine's relationship because it is very special to me. I am very blessed to have such a great relationship with my sister!!

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