Friday, July 22, 2011

Church Camp 2011

Boy oh boy what an adventure that was! I'll be the first to tell you that camping with a 5 month old is not the easiest but totally doable. Packing was interesting and I had lots of stuff!! I mean I was taking a baby and they require LOTS of stuff!! I was riding up with Tim Mannion and his poor little car was packed full with my stuff. His expression was priceless when he came to pick us up and saw everything.

 We arrived about 12pm on Monday, checked in and I headed to our cabin. Tim was nice enough to unload everything out of the car for me and I got busy setting things up. Well it's not the easiest to set things up when you have a screaming baby. She would not let me put her down at all. I got the job done and then we headed out to explore and see who else had arrived. Corey came up that night for services but had to head back down that night cause he had work the next day. It gets pretty lonely without your husband but I did my best. Sadie slept that whole night which was great!!

Tuesday was the same as Monday, a screaming baby who would not let me put her down. Halfway through the day I was ready to throw in the towel, say forget it, pack my things up and head home but I stopped and prayed for the Lord to give me patience and ease my frustrations. I was able to put Sadie down for a 3 hour nap and when she woke up she seemed to be in a better mood which was great! She did let a few people hold her so I thank those who helped out, especially Whitney. Corey was only able to come up at nights and then head back home except for Friday which he was there all day but boy was I glad to see him on those evenings.

I had volunteered to teach the Mommy and Me class and we had a nice time. We read bible stories, did crafts, had snacks and played around and explored. All the preachers did such a wonderful job, including my hubby. There was a total of 8 saved! Praise the Lord!! Trevor Mannion did a great job with campfire and all those silly and goofy activities. I was able to make a pine derby car and participate in the race but I didn't win. Oh well maybe next year.

Yup that's right! I'll head back next year with a one and a half year old!! We came back home Saturday and yes I was ready to be back home, in my own bed. Sadie was extremely happy to be back home with her toys, grandma and doggy. Camp was really great and exactly what I need to put me back into perspective and change my mood. Good job to everyone who participated and put on camp. It was fantastic!!

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