Friday, July 22, 2011

Angel Game/Dierks Bentley Concert

For Father's Day, Sadie got Corey some Angels tickets and he asked me to come along (haha). It was a pretty warm day but needless to say we had a great time! We decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden beforehand and it was delicious. I'm not big on italian food but it was really yummy!! After dinner (it was more like lunch), we headed to the stadium. We got there about two hours before the game started. I had asked to borrow Trevor's zoom lens but when we got to the gate they said it was too long and we had to go ALL THE WAY back to the car to put it away. Anyways after that we made it inside, checked out the team store and headed to our seats. They were pretty decent and the teams were doing batting practice. Balls were flying our way like crazy and let me tell you, the people who had come to our section were just as crazy about catching a ball. These people were SERIOUS BALL CATCHING PEOPLE! Even the little kids, they were running everywhere, jumpimg over seats and running into people just to catch a ball. Corey decided he wasn't gonna be that crazy so we just sat in our seats but lo and behold here comes a ball, Corey stands up and SMACK! the ball landed right in his glove! It was a great start to the game. The game started at 6 so we settled into our seats. The people in front of us had invited like 10 people to join them and you could tell that they weren't there for the game. They kept on getting up constantly, it was very annoying. We still had a good time anyways, especially since the Angels won!! Woot woot!! After the game was the concert and there were a ton of people there for that. It was about an hour long and it was pretty decent. Corey and I had a nice time getting out of the house though and spending time together on our date night!

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