Thursday, October 20, 2011


I don't normally recommend too many movies to people but I feel that this one is a great movie that everyone should see. Courageous is made by the same people that made the movie Fireproof (which I recommend as well). If you are looking for a movie that you can take your family to then this is it. It has great values and morals and those are hard to find in a movie these days. I definitely shed a tear or two as well. Seeing a movie where family and God was of such importance was so great! You don't find that in movies anymore and the whole storyline was so uplifting. God can work so much through a movie like that that is shown in movie theaters. I hope everyone will take the time to watch this movie and sit back and reflect and think about the morals that were brought out in the movie.

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Mrs.S said...

Ive heard soo many good things about this movie=))
Fireproof is also one of my favorites...
Im a new follower=)Check out my blog in return..Xoxo