Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short Story link-up

Today I am linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for the short story link up....go check it out Adventures of Newlyweds.


It was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong................
The thick, dense fog spread like a blanket through the tree-lined woods. The girl with the red hood walked solemnly through it, on a narrow pathway, as she kicked the rocks with her feet. The man in the plaid shirt had been following her for awhile now but she didn't sense any danger. Actually, a calm and serene peace seemed to engulf her. 
"This is wierd," she said aloud, taken aback by how loud her voice sounded among the quiet nature."This part of the woods hasn't seen fog since who knows when."
As she walked along, her mind went back to the conversation she had at the little coffee shop in town. The coffee shop was miles away now. The conversation was heartwrenching. She remembered the look on his face when he told her that he had to leave. It was his duty so he had to go. She can still see his outstrecthed hand layng across the table, waiting for her to put her hand in his. But most of all, she can still feel his eyes burning into her back as she stormed out of the shop, nearly knocking over the sheriff as she flew out the doors.
She can't remember though how she made it to this path and it boggles her mind why it's so foggy. She can hear the leaves crackling behind her as the man in the plaid shirt tries quietly to keep a good distance behind. 
Who is he? and what does he want?, she ponders.
All of a sudden she stops dead in her tracks and thrusts her head upwards.
"Why God? Why does he have to go? Can't someone else go?" she screams at the sky. "Me and him had a plan. It was gonna be me and him, finally!"
She lowered her head and watched as a tear fell from her face and landed with a splash on the ground. She fell to her knees and let all the emotion that was inside of her come rushing out. The tears flowed out of her sad, green eyes like a river and she hit the rocky ground with her fists as hard as possible. She was too busy wrapped up in her own emotions to care about the fast approaching sounds of the man in plaids feet. All she felt was two familiar arms wrap themselves around her. 
"I'm here", he said.
She turned and let herself fall into him. She loved the way she fit into him and how he smelled. The smell that she would never forget, ever.
"I know you have to go," she sobbed, "but please, don't be gone forever."
"I won't," he whispered, "I won't....."


Ashley Slater said...

oh what a sad story! so good though, so glad you took the challenge and linked up!


Lauren said...

Stopping by to read your short story... Aw, thats so sad! I liked it, kept my attention.