Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy, Busy...

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks that I feel like a chicken with my head cut off! We have been going to numerous doctors appts, a job interview, our church association, trying to organize our room and my little girl has a cold!

Let's start with my job interview: I recieved a call about 3 weeks ago from an ob/gyn office that I gave a resume to about a year ago (I'm a medical assistant) and never heard anything from them. Well they called and said they were looking for a full time front office receptionist and wanted to know if I was interested. My hubby and I have debated about me going back to work so we decided just to go to the interview and see what happens. The interview went well and I'm waiting to hear back.

Our church association was 2 weeks ago. It's a time where all the churches that we fellowship with get together for 3 days, have singing, preaching and fellowship, as well as taking care of some business. It starts on a thursday night, continues all day friday and then goes for the half the day on saturday. It was such a great meeting and the sermons were fantastic, as well as seeing everyone!

I've been trying to organize our room and make it more efficient. I got our dresser drawers all cleaned out and organized and moved onto our filing cabinet. I still have so much to do in there though!

Sadie started showing signs of a cold last Thursday. It's her first one and she's been kinda grumpy with it. That Thursday, she would only sleep on me so that's what she did the whole night. Friday she was clingy and grouchy so I didn't get much done. She seemed to be better Saturday and Sunday but Monday she was all congested again and grumpy. Yesterday was kinda the same thing and today she is grumpy and clingy as well. I hope she starts feeling better soon and any thoughts on how to keep her nose clear of congestion would be great!!

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Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I hope your little girl starts to feel better soon! Colds are definitely no fun and for some reason they seem to hang around way too long. Enjoy her cuddling while you can!